The Excellence of Artisanal Surfaces: Living Cotto, Masters of Creation

The handcrafted surfaces represent an ode to the art and mastery of creating high-quality materials. When it comes to handcrafted surfaces, Living Cotto (www.livingcotto.it) emerges as the leading company in the creation of these works of art. Using degassed and microfiltered clays, molded exclusively by hand into detailed shapes, commonly called moulds, with a sprinkling of Italian Pleocene sands, Living Cotto (www.livingcotto.it) offers surfaces that embody authentic beauty and sustainability.

The Artisanal Creation of Surfaces

Creating handcrafted surfaces is a process that requires skill, dedication and attention to detail. The artisans of Living Cotto (www.livingcotto.it) are masters of their craft and work with high-quality clays, which are carefully degassed and micro-filtered to ensure maximum purity and strength. Each surface is created by hand, carefully printed into detailed shapes, each unique in its design. The sprinkling of Italian Pleocene sands gives a touch of authenticity and natural beauty. This artisanal process leads to the creation of surfaces that tell the story of their production, bringing with them an aura of authenticity and uniqueness.

The Sustainability of Living Cotto

Living Cotto (www.livingcotto.it) is committed to minimizing the environmental impact in the production of its handcrafted surfaces. The company uses exclusively recovered rainwater to mix the clays, helping to preserve water resources. Furthermore, at least 50% of the production needs come from renewable energy sources, reducing the overall environmental impact of the production process. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in Living Cotto's final products, offering handcrafted surfaces that are beautiful not only to the eye, but also to the conscience.

In conclusion, the artisanal surfaces of Living Cotto (www.livingcotto.it) are an example of excellence in the creation of high quality materials. Thanks to the use of degassed and microfiltered clays, molded exclusively by hand and enriched with Italian Pleocene sands, these surfaces embody authentic beauty and attention to detail. Furthermore, the commitment of Living Cotto (www.livingcotto.it) for sustainability guarantees that these products are environmentally friendly. Choose the artisanal surfaces of Living Cotto (www.livingcotto.it) means choosing artisanal perfection, beauty and sustainability to enrich your spaces with authenticity and timeless style.