The need to change the appearance of your commercial establishment is a revolution that is sometimes necessary, but certainly very elaborate.

 Whether your need is to redesign the spatial geometries or completely change the flooring and wall coverings, it is essential to consider two critical factors: budget and implementation time.

While the budget refers to the amount of money you can allocate to realize your project, the factor of time can be even more determining.

A commercial establishment such as a bar, a wine bar, a restaurant, a beauty spa, not to mention a farmhouse, a hotel, or a relais, has the fundamental importance of respecting delivery times during construction or renovation.

Imagine what could happen if you had to cancel reservations because the painters are still in the bathrooms!


Assigning the entire implementation task to a professional means having a responsible figure who can dare to incorporate natural materials such as handmade terracotta into their project.

Se non ci fossero questi “visionari” capaci di confrontarsi con la materia naturale, il mondo dell’artigianato andrebbe verso una chiusura di stile e di idee. E’ proprio da questo confronto quotidiano tra uomo e natura che si instaura un principio di equilibrio che va oltre il confine della forma, del colore e dello spessore.

The Living Cotto team was born with the aim of giving voice to expression and creating products that support the philosophy of inhabiting a space.


All it takes is a combination of shadows, diffused light, vibrant colors, silent tones, sinuous forms, harmonious curves, interrupted lines. And voila, we have a project!

The executive project, presented in the form of renderings, captures and reproduces every detail on scale, sometimes so realistic that it's hard to tell if it's an actual realization.

Among the materials included, especially when the designer and the client have opted for a durable, low-thickness, and environmentally friendly material, we have noticed that handmade terracotta has become the ideal solution in recent years.


La nomina di “materiale complicato”  il cotto fatto a mano l’ha finalmente persa, sarà merito dello stato evolutivo che ha vissuto la nostra storia di produttori, sin dai tempi degli etruschi (quindi oltre 2000 anni fa) fino ad arrivare ai giorni nostri, ma soprattutto è stata determinante l’attenzione dei committenti che hanno incoraggiato i mastri fornaciai ad affrontare la materia sotto aspetti diversi, come ad esempio la cura delle finiture.

Moreover, if the ancient Romans essentially derived many submultiples from the "sesquipedale," nowadays, it doesn't require a great effort for a kiln to customize a mold to give shape to the designer's expression. As mentioned in the introduction, delivery times are a crucial factor, which is why Living Cotto faces the market daily with a wide range of stocked products: squares, slats, hexagons, triangles, listels, round formats that fit together like stars. We can offer this availability of carefully selected and tested terracotta, crafted in a few days, already treated in the case of the Elements line, or glazed for the Variopinti and Preziosi lines, ready for delivery.


Living cotto offre sempre il servizio dello sviluppo del progetto attraverso un disegno tecnico,  per permettere di valutare le proporzioni che il designer ha individuato come corrette. Spesso è necessario per noi disegnarlo a prescindere, soprattutto se si tratta di un nuovo formato, per lo studio del costo di produzione e dei fattori che lo compongono: produttività, tempo di raccolta dei materiali da terra, infornatura, cottura e imballaggio.


Our mission has always been directed towards the utmost customer and designer satisfaction, and Living Cotto offers its customers 100% of its expertise to guarantee and protect this requirement. We work with utmost respect for the customer, with professionalism, education, and humility.

The customization of finishes is a technical topic that can always be addressed, even though our product lines are the result of years of specific material studies, always in compliance with the relevant regulations, so as not to create any problems for ourselves or anyone else.

In the event of a request for customized colors, we have a process that allows us to deliver a "made-to-order" sample in just 10 days. Afterward, we can replicate it with at least four examples per type that interpret the client's desires.

Only through a measured control system can we guarantee this opportunity to have a unique product to offer!


Each project, depending on the chosen formats, which can also be modular, composed of multiple formats together and even with different colors, needs to be developed both as total surface area in square meters and as individual pieces to be distinguished in production and included in the order. Living Cotto guarantees this essential work with professionalism and meticulousness.



The production managers involve the client and the designer in every stage of production through photographic and video documentation, both to provide an immersive experience and to demonstrate the maximum effort required for artisanal production.

Living Cotto is a team of professionals continuously connected to each other, allowing us to offer flawless work in all its forms: from communication to the finished product.


Living Cotto offers material delivery services, from small to large quantities, with experienced transporters organized to meet any site requirements. Each individual product will always be placed inside suitable and sturdy cardboard boxes for easy transportation on-site, and each group of boxes will be placed on pallets or wooden crates.


Whether it is Living Cotto's installers or the client's trusted installers who perform the work on-site, we make no distinction. In addition to delivering all the installation materials (appropriate adhesive, grout, descaling, and maintenance products) along with the terracotta, we will provide all the technical specifications to carry out the work "according to the rules of the art." Furthermore, we guarantee on-site inspections and are always available to provide additional recommendations and advice to address every individual need.

To avoid any confusion regarding products intended for specific areas and environments in the project, each individual box will indicate the corresponding product, while each pallet will have a summarized checking list.

We are always open to dialogue and collaboration with other professionals involved in the installation process, such as painters or carpenters.


At the conclusion of the project, what remains is the human connection that has been established, the beautiful shared experience successfully completed together with the designer, all the professionals who worked on-site, and the client. To think that Living Cotto has taken the material from the earth and transformed it into an integral part of a project gives us incredible satisfaction and the strength to continue on our path.